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"Paper Dolls 1790s-1940s"

February 21, 2023 @ 2:00pm Central Time

Online @

Frasher Doll Auction Paper Dolls

Rare, unique, hard to find Paper Dolls, from early historical rarities to popular cultural icons, Patti Fertel's collection, reflects curiosity, passion, and the eye of an intelligent and crafty collector. The collection spans over 140 years from late 1700s to mid 1950s and includes early dolls from Europe and most of the early American paper dolls, as well as prints, books, valentines, postcards, and more.

Frasher Doll Auction Paper Dolls

"Bounteous Beauties"

Saturday, April 8, 2023
Preview at 9:00AM, Auction starts at 10:00AM CST

In Person at KCI Expo Center
AND Online @

Frasher's Doll Auction
French bisque bebes and poupees, German bisque characters and babies,
china ladies, paper mache and wax dolls, bisque figurines, bathing beauties, automatons, clothing and accessory items, and much more.
Frasher's Doll Auction
Order your beautiful color catalog today!
$47.00 each (International $69.00) - with prices realized sent after the auction
Order by phone (816-625-3786) or email (

I N T E R N E T   B I D D I N G
t Place your bid anytime and/or bid live during
the auction. Please log in to & register to bid. 

A B S E N T E E   B I D D I N G
Phone us at 816-625-3786 or email us ( and tell us t
items on which you wish to bid, your maximum bid, and we will bid for you competitively. You can also fax
your bids to 816-625-6079. 

P H O N E   B I D D I N G
If you wish to bid  by telephone while the auction is in progress,
please call us as at 816-625-3786, as early as possible to make necessary arrangements.

I N  P E R S O N   B I D D I N G 
Preview at 9AM, Auction Starts at 10AM Central Time
In Person Location: KCI Expo Center and Holiday Inn Hotel, 
11730 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 


We are traveling to pick up collections of merit and are also accepting

consignment deliveries by mail and in person at our offices.

Our office is open and we are here to address any questions you may have

regarding auction dates or consignment. 

For assistance please call 816-625-3786 or email to

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