Upcoming Auction:
Matinee Madness
December 15 @ 4pm Central Time
Online at Liveauctioneers.com


I N T E R N E T   B I D D I N G

Through liveauctioneers.com. Place your bid anytime AND/OR bid live during the auction. Please log in to liveauctioneers.com and register to bid. 

A B S E N T E E   B I D D I N G

Phone us at 816-625-3786 or email us (frasher@aol.com) and tell us the items on which you wish to bid, your maximum bid, and we will bid for you competitively. You can also fax your bids to 816-625-6079. 


P H O N E   B I D D I N G

If you wish to bid  by telephone while the auction is in progress,

please call us as at 816-625-3786, as early as possible to make necessary arrangements.


We are traveling to pick up collections of merit and are also accepting

consignment deliveries by mail and in person at our offices.

Our office is open and we are here to address any questions you may have regarding

auction dates or consignment. 

For assistance please call 816-625-3786 or email to frasher@aol.com