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Alexander Brides Frasher Doll Auction

Auction of Alexander brides, wedding party dolls, and Cissy - featuring composition and hard plastic dolls.
circa 1930s-1990s


Alexander Brides Frasher Doll Auction

Online @
January 5, 2022 @ 6pm


Three Ways to Bid

(after the auction becomes available online)


I N T E R N E T   B I D D I N G

Through liveauctioneers.comPlease log on to and register to bid. 


A B S E N T E E   B I D D I N G

Phone us at 816-625-3786 or email us ( and tell us the items on which you wish to bid, your maximum bid, and we will bid for you competitively. You can also fax your bids to 816-625-6079. 


P H O N E   B I D D I N G

If you wish to bid  by telephone while the auction is in progress,

please call us as at 816-625-3786, as early as possible to make necessary arrangements.

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