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Buying And Selling Dolls With Frasher's

Buying and selling dolls at Frasher's has been an easy, trusting, and desirable experience for over 40 years. Our long history is a reflection of the strong growth and continued confidence in our company from buyers and sellers alike. Our staff is dedicated to providing excellence in auction service.


Whether you are interested in adding to your collection, or whether you are considering parting with some or all of your dolls, there are choices to be made. We hope that choice will include Frasher's. Our auctions offers collectors exposure to a wide variety of quality dolls for purchase by live auction, absentee, telephone, or internet bidding.


And if you are thinking of selling, we provide unequaled service, whether you wish to consign an entire collection or a single doll. Our reputation for integrity and expertise is unsurpassed in the doll auction world. Our beautiful images and catalogs will showcase your dolls in a manner befitting their importance, and best of all, you'll receive payment for your dolls within twenty working days from the sale date. Our consignors enjoy: ~ Competitive commission rates ~ Prompt payment ~ Professional, caring, friendly people to handle your treasured dolls.

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Selling Your Dolls

At Frasher's, we understand that selling your dolls can be a daunting process. That's why we are here to help!


We are dedicated to providing an easy and secure platform for our clients to sell their dolls.


Our auction services ensure that the seller and the buyer both benefit, by providing the best possible audience and the highest possible value for these unique and precious items.

We would love to learn more about your dolls.

Reach out to us by:

Phone: 816-625-3786


By completing the form on this page

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A group of antique dolls that sold at Frasher's

Cosigning Your Collection

We know each collection is unique and can appreciate the beauty they each have to offer. Our expertise, track record of success, and services include working with consignors to evaluate and determine the best marketing strategy for each collection. 

We can market and sell as consignment AND/OR we CAN purchase select COLLECTIONS, so as to achieve the highest monetary and time value for your collection. Consignors receive a competitive commission including packing, transport, insurance, and inventory services at no additional cost.

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Coming Soon:
Printed Catalogs

Catalogued auctions feature beautifully illustrated printed color catalogs.

After-sale prices realized for $49.00 each or 5 issue subscription for $189.00

(International $59.00 ea/5 issue subscription $249.00)

Order By:

Phone: (816) 625-3786

Fax: (816) 625-6079


Or by completing the form below  so we can get in touch with you.

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